Volume’s Dan Miller co-produced the score for this taught, 10 part mini series. Working closely with composer Marty Beller the score, using unusually percussion, live strings, dobro, and organic electronica creates the tense fabric for this small coastal town as they begin to suspect everyone around them could be the killer. Broadcast on Fox Network, Thursday’s at 9pm.


‘The Carrier’ – Maggie Betts Documentary

First time director Maggie Betts approached David and Dan with a personal vision for a film that, while focusing on the tale of an African Family’s battle and crisis with AIDS, would also have the universal appeal of a family drama. Her vision for the score was for the music to transcend it’s docu roots, getting it’s message of AIDS awareness to a larger audience.

David and Dan composed a sweeping orchestral score, drawing as much on Copeland as Cage to add their own perspective to traditional film scoring. Using a full orchestra and electronic elements gives the music a connection to traditional film scores and a unique musical voice.

Director: Maggie Betts
Music: Volume
Original Score: Dan Miller/David Della Santa


MTV Networks – ‘The Substitute’

Volume music and it’s composers provided the themes and score for this whimsical MTV game show. The producers wanted an upbeat, rhythm oriented score along with some throwback style game show elements. Volume took up the challenge to update the Match Game ticking clock – all were pleased with the results. We tried to sell them on Gene Rayburn’s telescoping microphone, but found no takers.

Network: MTV
Production Company: Phear Creative (NY)
Music and Theme: Volume