Powerbar – ‘Ryan’s Redo’

Nothing like a good old original composition to take a spot where it wants to go energetically.  Volume affiliate composer, Paul Hogan, composed this number in support of Ryan’s comeback.  We’re with ya Ryan!

Agency: BSSP
Client: Powerbar


Twitter – ‘Manifesto’

Volume played Music Supervisor on this one.  We worked closely with Universal, Warner Chappell & Rhino to secure the rights and administered the license for Alesso’s ‘I Wanna Know’ for this major Twitter announcement delivered by Jack Dorsey himself.

Production: Bonfire Labs
Client: Twitter


facebook – ‘Hand To Heart’

Volume artist Anton Patzner, of Foxtails Brigade fame, wrote this beautiful and inspiring track for facebook’s Hand To Heart, directed and lovingly story-told by director Doug Walker.

Production: Caruso Company
Client: facebook

Slice 1

Docusign – ‘DropShip’

Rock out with your ‘doc’ out!!  Volume crafted this little indie rock number for John McNeil Studio’s Docusign ‘DropShip’.  Did we have a good time bangin’ our heads on this gig??   yup.

Agency:  John McNeil Studio
Client:  Docusign

Volume-Rich-Girls-Barcelona Music Composition

Microsoft – ‘Barcelona’

This breathtaking footage of Barcelona’s La Merce deserved something special.  Volume artist Rich Girl’s song ‘Steady’ was just the thing.

Director: Erich Joiner – Tool
Client: Microsoft

FlexJet Be Transported

FlexJet – ‘Be Transported’

Our own David Della Santa lovingly crafted this beautiful piano piece for Geometry Global’s Flexjet campaign.   It perfectly expresses the elegance and excellence of the imagery.  Its more than a simple piano piece.  Listen for the subtle sound design nuances in the wind and sky and on the tips of the wings as they soar by your ears.

Agency: Gemoetry Global
Client: FlexJet


HomeAdvisor – ‘The story of your home’

It may seem fairly ironic that a merry band of ‘traveling pilgrims’ have been licensed to create new sound for HomeAdvisor, but that’s exactly what we’ve done.  Volume have licensed quirky Irish musicians, The Carnival Brothers, to breathe fresh sound into the new creative from Duncan Channon.  Growing up in the circus, their sound strikes the perfect balance between dream like nostalgia and escapism.

Agency: Duncan Channon
Client: HomeAdvisor




Audi – ‘Enduring Passion’

The Venables Bell creative team hit us up for music that would beautifully flow over the powerful sound design. David wrote the gorgeous and haunting piano track, Berlin Winter, which just melts into the spot. Check out the modern take on a classic style.

Agency: Venables Bell
Client: Audi

RYDR1100H_ThatsRyder60 Music For Advertising

Ryder – ‘That’s Ryder’

Once in a while our own robot David Della Santa gets to let his servos loose and crank some electro out.  Ryder and Grey SF, apparently fans of the genre, booted the bot to unleashed his laptop crunch, 8 bit distortion and dirty synths to create this electro track for their national ‘That’s Ryder” campaign.  Brian Lagerhausen, Beast Editorial, and David worked together to edit and cut track and film.  The result is a perfect mash up of beat and frame.

Agency: Grey
Client: Ryder

quinn Music For Advertising

Stanford Children’s Health – ‘Extraordinary Care’

Magical.  Whimsical.  Uplifting.  These are all words to describe the new score that gives the Stanford Children’s Health campaign so much warmth and nostalgia.

It’s always a challenge to create three completely unique tracks that can also work together as a campaign.  Volume’s David Della Santa worked closely with several different composers to find the perfect sound that the Office agency and Stanford clients were looking for.  The result received accolades in the industry.

Agency: Office
Client: Stanford Children’s Hospital