If there is such a thing as a “San Francisco sound,” Minipop doesn’t care about it. Perhaps that’s what has allowed the local trio to create a brand of starry-eyed pop that feels ethereal, uprooted from time and space. The band has gotten so much good press over the years that they’re comfortable with the frequent comparisons to Mazzy Star, the Sundays, and Eisley — all inevitable references when trying to describe Minipop singer Tricia Kanne’s honeyed voice.

The band has even been dubbed a female-fronted Coldplay, possibly for pairing beautiful melodies with driving beats. Certainly, Minipop recalls ’90s shoegazer rock bands like Slowdive and Lush, in the way that they offer rich, hypnotic melodies in a sea of sound.

Minipop continues to write and release songs digitally, perform in and around the Bay Area and beyond, and surf as much and as often as possible in the frigid waters of NorCal.