We provide compelling, custom music for broadcast, film and new media.

We are musicians, composers, producers and sound designers in pursuit of the right track with the right vibe, Volume music+sound has access to a wide variety of sources. We work with bands, singer-songwriters and composers in pursuit of the right track and supervise the whole project from the initial creative to the final mix. Our supervisors can put playlists together from our extensive library, search out the perfect track from our extended family of bands or reach out to labels to negotiate the usage rights for their artists. Have our supervisors put together a playlist for your next project. We are very proud of our collections and our long term relationships within the industry that give our clients access to a wide variety of sources.

We are travelers and searchers, happy and angry, creative, excited, frustrated, boastful, sleep deprived, caffeinated, obsessed with sound and rhythm, tour in vans, tour in planes, sold out shows, empty halls, late nights with a drum machine and piano, early mornings with synths, play from the head and play from the heart, schooled, and make it up as we go.

We organize bits of sound and energy to help your project communicate. We love storytelling and we love how music adds depth and dimension. We will always love what we do.

We are Volume music+sound – a group of composers who create sound for you.