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We provide compelling, custom music for broadcast, film and new media.

We are musicians, composers, producers and sound designers in pursuit of the right track with the right vibe, Volume music+sound has access to a wide variety of sources. We work with bands, singer-songwriters and composers in pursuit of the right track and supervise the whole project from the initial creative to the final mix. Our supervisors can put playlists together from our extensive library, search out the perfect track from our extended family of bands or reach out to labels to negotiate the usage rights for their artists. Have our supervisors put together a playlist for your next project. We are very proud of our collections and our long term relationships within the industry that give our clients access to a wide variety of sources.

We are travelers and searchers, happy and angry, creative, excited, frustrated, boastful, sleep deprived, caffeinated, obsessed with sound and rhythm, tour in vans, tour in planes, sold out shows, empty halls, late nights with a drum machine and piano, early mornings with synths, play from the head and play from the heart, schooled, and make it up as we go.

We organize bits of sound and energy to help your project communicate. We love storytelling and we love how music adds depth and dimension. We will always love what we do.

We are Volume music+sound – a group of composers who create sound for you.


Our Accomplished, Award-Winning Artists & Sound Designers

David Della Santa

David Della Santa

Founder/Composer/Sound Designer

A San Francisco native whose career includes successful runs both in New York and California, David Della Santa has become known for creating current, alternative and edgy work.

Tinkering away on a piano his mom bought for him, Della Santa is a self-taught musician whose journey began with a single objective: “I just had to learn to play some ELO,” he laughs. His learn-by-doing philosophy has worked well, translating into awards, inclusion in the AICP/MoMA show, frequent positioning in the SHOOT Top Ten Tracks list, and work for national clients such as Microsoft (McCann-Erickson/SF), Wells Fargo (BBDO/SF), Audi (VB&P), MINI (BSSP), Facebook & Twitter among others. He is affiliated with AICP, SAG, AFM, and ASCAP.
After winning a New York Festivals Award for his first ad project, Della Santa began putting his stamp on ad work. One of the first composers in San Francisco to do current alternative music for ads, Della Santa was also propelled by an embrace of computer and electronic music in the ad scene. He thrived in San Francsico with his own company, Rebar Sound, until “the dot bomb”. A move to New York, and Tonefarmer, followed.

Flexing his creative muscles beyond the ad world, Della Santa has recorded with his NY-based band, Machines Kill Music, an indie rock ensemble with an electro edge, for which he writes the music, plays keyboards, and provides vocals and his latest SF/Nashville based Spy Empire, an indie rock duo with singer and guitarist James Rotondi.  Spy Empire bleeds 80s synth and temperament.  He enjoys that experience, but prefers his gig at Volume Music + Sound. “How else could I get paid to rock with out being stuck on the back of a bus with five smelly dudes for months at a time?” he wonders. “And I’m too shy for groupies.”

Dan Miller

Dan Miller


Dan Miller is a grammy award winner composer, guitarist and producer. His recorded work includes many national campaigns (see reel) , symphonic works for film, and a wide variety of work for media (external imdb link). As the guitarist for They Might Be Giants, he has appeared performed and toured with them around the world since 1997. Please click here for a complete bio and composing reel.

Jake Owen + Andy Dollerson

Jake Owen + Andy Dollerson


Andy Dollerson and Jake Owen are a writing team. They’ve been producing music together for the last 5 years, since their paths kept crossing playing shows in Austin Texas.
Jake and Andy both tour with international artists, and are currently writing music for shows on ABC, independent nature documentaries, and random art installations in the US and UK. Their music has been used by MTV, ABC, E!, EA Games, Dell, Bravo, and Blitz.

James Leste

James Leste


James Leste is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over the last 15 years, James has been a part of many musical projects, first cutting his teeth on a drum kit whilst touring around the US in a several dirty vans with numerous punk bands, and then working with more than a handful of indie and major label projects in various musical roles.

In recent years, James has worked on several projects with a focus on branding, advertising, documentary film, and more. James has composed original pieces for top brands such as HBO, Dove, Canon, and Pearson Education to name a few. He continues to create original music for himself while also working to master his craft composing music to picture.

James Rotondi

James Rotondi


With clients ranging from Wyndham Hotels to Disney, Quaker Oats to Olympus, and Saturn to Snapple, composer/songwriter James Rotondi has written, played and sung on close to a hundred spots for national, international television and internet play. James also produces music at his own ZenEasy Studios, and collaborates with composers at key music houses including JSM, Tonefarmer, Duo-Tone, Volume Music, Big Planet Music, and Elias Associates. With his original band, Roto’s Magic Act, he has earned plaudits from the New York Post, who raved, “Call us Roto-Rooters! We love James Rotondi!”

Indeed, from gigs at the Fillmore in San Francisco to the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, he’s performed original songs across the country over the last decade, releasing the critically acclaimed “Summer Home” album in 2009, which Guitar Player magazine called “hip, seductive and brilliantly produced.”

Rotondi is also the co-writer and singer of NYC rock band The Cringe, the founder of the Bad Eliots, one half of 80s-inspired duo Spy Empire (with Volume Music’s David Della-Santa), and is a regular member of the songwriting workshop founded by Austin tunesmith Bob Schneider, whose members have included Matt Nathanson, Jason Mraz, Ari Hest, and others. Roto’s Magic Act’s new album, Into the Unknown, will be released in 2014.

Jay Skinner

Jay Skinner


A self described work-a-holic. Jay operates Sound Arsenal Music, a boutique music production company in Los Angeles specializing in creating music for television commercials, film and web media.

He has composed music for many TV spots including Lexus, Ross, Verizon, Dell, GMC, Ubisoft, Wendy’s, Ford, Nascar, Scion, ect ect. His music has also appeared in feature films and prime-time TV such as LionsGate Films, ABC Family, The CW, FOX, Sony Pictures, and Lakeshore Entertainment.

When not composing for corporate America he enjoys producing albums for indie artists and playing live shows with his band That Noise. 
Inspired by all genres of music, modern technology, and the thrill of seeing the project come to life, Jay thrives on creating the music that the client hears in their head and helping bring the picture to life.

Jeff Dodson

Jeff Dodson


Jeff Dodson is an award winning composer and sound designer. A graduate of the Pratt Institute in New York City,  Jeff’s talent has touched a wide range of media including the network television rebrands of Showtime networks and G4tv.

He has worked in the video game industry composing soundtracks for X-men 3: The Official Game and the successful Bioware franchise Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer, and has composed music and SFX for countless trailer, television and home entertainment productions.

In 2011 his sound design work on Rainfall’s own The Damage Done earned him a Telly award, and his sound re-design of Prologue’s Disney Tron intro animation won Prologue the presitgous Art Director’s Club award.  In 2008 the G4tv rebrand netted a silver medal at the promaxBDA awards.

Jeff also had the privilege to speak about sound design and his composing career at internationally renowned festivals OFFF in sunny wonderful Portugal and in Los Angeles at FITC.
He also likes cats.

Anton Patzner

Anton Patzner


Anton Patzner is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and composer out of Oakland CA with styles range from sweeping orchestras to sunny indie-folk to radio-ready electro-pop.
In the pop world Patzner has toured as a violinist for indie bands including Bright Eyes, The Faint and Pinback and contributed string arrangements to artists from Demi Lovato to Slash to Cyprus Hill.
Always keeping busy, Patzner also has a number of personal musical projects including an indie band called Foxtails Brigade and DJ remixing under the moniker Strngs.

Joey Katsaros

Joey Katsaros


Composer of music for well over 30 films such as, Alvin and the Chipmunks 1, 2, and 3, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Sex Drive, The Adjustment Bureau, countless TV shows, and commercials, Joseph Katsaros brings a new level of creativity to any musical endeavor.
Tracks produced for Alvin and the Chipmunks garnered an American Music Award and launched the album to Platinum status. Based in New York, but raised in Texas, Joseph produces to the highest demands while keeping that southern hospitality alive. Albeit without the accent, which he sometimes wishes he had.

John Krogh

John Krogh


John Krogh is an award-winning composer (ASCAP), engineer, producer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist who writes music and provides audio production services for advertising, TV, film and new-media clients.

John has produced music for national and international brands such as Fox Sports, Microsoft, Verizon, Ubisoft, and Adidas, and has garnered two Telly Awards for his original compositions. With over 300 music placements to his credit, Krogh’s music can be heard on programs from such networks as The History Channel, MSNBC, Tru TV, Bravo and National Geographic.

John Krogh is also a published author and music technology authority, having written hundreds of artist interviews, feature articles, and product reviews for Keyboard and EQ magazines. During his tenure with these publications, John served as Technical Editor, and later held the position of Editor-at-Large (Keyboard).  He has been cited in numerous industry periodicals and books, including The Guide To MIDI Orchestration (Gilreath). He remains an active contributor to the music technology publishing world.

In addition to his studio work and music publishing experience, John Krogh has toured the globe as a music programmer and playback engineer for live concerts and television performances with such artists as The Eagles, Don Henley, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson, to name a few. Notable performances include the 2006 Winter Olympics, Good Morning America, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The David Letterman Show.

Justin Pinkerton

Justin Pinkerton


Justin has been composing and performing music most of his life. Beginning with his band the Roots of Orchis and now his current band Golden Void, he has dabbled in various genres; as well as pursuing is love of vinyl with his solo project Corsic. His work in advertising has been a successful journey sprawling his music across the television and the internet.

Nyles Lannon

Nyles Lannon


 Nyles Lannon has been an active member of the San Francisco music scene for many years, once as the guitarist in the SF band Film School, and more recently as the synth player in Rogue Wave. You may have seen him performing at the Outside Lands Festival this past summer. He also has released three solo albums on the indie label Badman Recording Company.

Mike Fraumeni

Mike Fraumeni


Born and raised in Boston, Mike Fraumeni’s love for music began at an early age. He studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Scoring.

Mike began to hone his skills while working at music houses including Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions. From 2009-2013, he was an in-house composer at Elias Arts in Santa Monica.

Mike’s award winning compositions span a wide variety of genres from rock and indie to hip hop and orchestral. He has amassed a resume of over 100 television commercials for clients including Budweiser, Intel, Chevy, Ford, Pepsi, Cadillac, Fox Sports, Visa, Reebok and Msnbc. His work has been featured in over ten Superbowl commercials and in multiple Olympic Games. He co-wrote the Emmy nominated Nissan – Polar Bear spot, and the now ubiquitous Farmers Insurance mnemonic.
 His original composition for Intel – Look Inside: Jack Andraka earned him a Silver in the 2014 London International Awards.

Mike’s music has been featured on TV shows including American Idol, House, Law & Order: SVU, Million Dollar Listing, Dancing With The Stars, Breaking Amish, and The 700 Club. His film credits include Son Of No One (Al Pacino, Ray Liotta), Skyline (Eric Balfour, Donald Faison), and Pete Smalls Is Dead (Peter Dinklage, Steve Buscemi).

Mike lives in Sacramento with his wife Christine and their two cats.

Jake LaVallee

Jake LaVallee


 Over the past 15 years, Jacob has been crafting compositions with a specific emphasis around the orchestra and piano. His love for the marriage of music and picture drives him to find the audible aesthetics that are best fit for each project he writes on. His work has been placed in numerous projects including some of the world’s top brands, such as Hewlett-Packard and BP. 


One of our strongest assets is our ability to pick out emerging talent. These bands are providing a road map for tomorrow’s sounds. We are very excited about being able to bring their songs and talents to our projects. We specialize in custom writing with these artists to bring their edgy, aggressive and unique sound to your media.


Painted Palms Volume Music Sound

And in that moment a hint of irony is apparent, for as much as the members of Painted Palms want to get out of their own heads, they’re awfully good at writing songs that will immediately get stuck in yours.


Seatraffic Volume Music Sound

Seatraffic is Mark Zannad (vox, synths) and Brandon Harrison (drums). Hailing from San Francisco, the duo’s brand of shoegazy dreampop uses the city’s richness and dynamic culture as a muse.


Midi Matilda Volume Music and Sound

Midi Matilda craft the kind of catchy indie-flavoured pop gems that worm their way into your brain and stay there for days on end.



ATTU are North London-based four piece Electro Pop outfit with rousing soundscapes and irresistible melodies.


The Yalls - Volume Music and Sound

What started as an experiment with electronic songwriting has grown to become a name which stands for a diverse and prolific output, with Yalls issuing everything from sun-kissed synth-pop to quirky hip-hop instrumentals; glitched excursions of post-aughts soul to tropical-tinged, vocal-led boom-bap.


The Fail Volume Music and Sound

Bleeding with synth-pop melodies and vocals that would make Michael Jackson envious, San Francisco-based group, The Frail return only to further blur the line between traditional pop and soulful rnb, creating a genre that idles comfortably between Capital Cities and The Weeknd, a sound that is all their own.


The Trims Blank Club

The Trims are a San Jose based outfit with the sound and swagger reminiscent of early Strokes & 90s Britpop with over-sexed lyrics ready to bring them to the national spotlight.



Shy Child are an electronic music duo from New York consisting of Pete Cafarella on vocals and synthesizers and Nate Smith on drums.


Scissors For Lefty

Scissors For Lefty is a San Francisco Band with a sophisticated pop style combining elements of Indie, Yesteryear, and Dirty Glam.


The Blacks

The Blacks are a dark and dancy bi-coastal (San Francisco/NYC) three-piece known for their short, blistering stage shows and laser-beam intensity.



Brian Trifon is the front man for Trifonic, a San Francisco based electronic act that seamlessly fuses experimental production wizardry with beautiful melodies and traditional song structures to craft music that is simultaneously unexpected and accessible.


Rich Girls

Rich Girls is the solo project of Luisa Black (The Blacks). Black’s enduring obsession with tone, stripped down, elemental guitar and hard-hitting drums bring RIch Girls into dark territory.



If there is such a thing as a “San Francisco sound,” Minipop doesn’t care about it. Perhaps that’s what has allowed the local trio to create a brand of starry-eyed pop that feels ethereal, uprooted from time and space.



Defragmentation formed in 2000, originally signed to Invisible Records. Hated that shit, moved to Los Angeles. Resigned to Hymen. Makes intense heavy and hard music.



The inter-continental trio known as Lapcat combines Swiss cool with American fun, taking diverse past influences, and going somewhere new.



The Carnival Brothers are the latest band to join the Volume band list.  Volume’s David discovered these Irish traveling pilgrims in early 2014.  Their music evokes all the nostalgia of yesteryear and will coax you into a world of pure joy and escapism.


Spy Empire

Should we have been more careful? Who’s watching us, and why? And who is this bi-coastal electro-rock duo who’ve taken up the unlikely name of Spy Empire, while fusing the moody majesty of classic synth outfits like Depeche Mode and Erasure with the jangly ’80s art-pop of Echo & the Bunnymen and The Psychedelic Furs?


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